About sambalstory

The Sambal Story is my new adventure as an aspiring chef of traditional cooking. It is amazing that a single ingredient only found in certain regions can create such authentic and amazing flavours!

My food blog is not going to begin like a travel blog but more on the discovery of traditional recipes, and truly authentic places to eat. Not world famous but truly famous amongst the locals. There will be a combination of illustrated gastronomical experiences, videos and recipes.

In the search for the truly desired food by the locals that make each person long for the taste from their own village or family recipes.

This great new blog of mine will begin in Malaysia and I will introduce you to the famous places and the famous dishes in my own kitchen!

“The family secrets should not be lost but passed down to any disciple who is willing to translate the character and emotions of the dish in its true form”.

( What is food emotions? Well try cooking something when you are sad or frustrated…then do a taste test! This is the secret when any successful dish is said to have been made with love! )

Yes! I will put the discovery to the test in my own kitchen and reveal the recipes you can try at home yourself!

I always ask….why do you need to miss your favorite dish so much and not appease the cravings?! Just cook it yourself! Its only a matter of time before you perfect it and becomes better than what you would pay for.

I’m not so much a health freak but definitely a taste freak….so it has to be tasty!


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